Study Japanese

Long Term

Students studying for longer periods usually obtain a student visa (Ryuugaku visa in Japanese). The procedure is somewhat time consuming so students need to apply well in advance of the date they hope to start classes.

Short Term

When studying for just one term, citizens of many countries can easily obtain tourist visas for travel to Japan. These are typically three-month visas but this differs depending on your nationality.

Working Holiday

We also warmly welcome The WORKING HOLIDAY program participants in Japan! If you’re just interested in studying for one term or more period, you can study using a working holiday visa.

Intensive Japanese

Japanese is said by some to be a difficult language to learn, but by coming to Tokyo and immersing yourself in Japanese culture while studying every day, you’ll find that it can be a very enjoyable experience!


Each class runs for a little over three hours and during that time students work on improving speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Learning Japanese

Any Japanese word can be written in a way that can be read without having to remember “hmmmm, how is this pronounced?!?”. Learn how to read and write the kana on our HIRAGANA and KATAKANA pages. You can also learn kanji.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Recent News

02月06日の登校について/School attendance on February 06

2024年2月6日 9:00更新 2月6日の午後(ごご)のクラスはあります。 Today’s afternoon classes will run as normal. 足元(あしもと)に気(き)を付(つ)け

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09月08日の登校について/School attendance on September 08

午後(ごご)クラスの学生(がくせい)へ 今日(きょう)の授業(じゅぎょう)はありません。 風邪(かぜ)や怪我(けが)に気を付けてください。 月曜日(げつようび)に会いましょう! There are no classes

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Notice of Course Registration Ends in April 2023

We are very grateful that we are about to reach the maximum number of applicants for the April 2023 course, so

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About the class on September 20

Good morning everyone. Typhoon No. 14 is said to be strongest at the time you are coming to school. For the sa

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School during summer vacation

Dear our Students It is Yoshida writting. Are you enjoying your summer vacation? At Yoshida, our office is ope

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News for November 2…/Japan-to-ease-entry-for… This news was released late yesterday. It is re

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