Long-term study (2 or more terms)

Students studying for longer periods usually obtain a student visa (Ryuugaku visa in Japanese). The procedure is somewhat time consuming so students need to apply well in advance of the date they hope to start classes. Students cannot obtain these visas on their own, they must first apply to Yoshida to begin the process. We will guide you through the process to try and make it as simple as possible.

If you wish to studying and to acquire a Student visa at this institute, the deadline to apply for the January term 2021 is Sept. 10, 2020. But deadline is subject to change without announcement depending on the number of applicants. Please contact us for more details.

Application Deadlines(Student visa)

Term Beginning Application Period Results of Selection
January 2021(1st time) admissions closed Nov. 05, 2020
January 2021(2nd time) Sept, 11 to Oct. 07, 2020 Nov. 27, 2020
April 2021 Aug. 02 to Nov. 17, 2020 Feb. 25, 2021
July 2021 Jan. 01 to Mar. 03, 2021 May 20, 2021
October 2021 Feb. 01 to May 31, 2021 Aug. 26, 2021

Due to coronavirus infection, the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau has approved that applications for the January term will be accepted twice.

If you wish to apply for the January term 2021, please make sure to contact us by the deadline.

To those who apply for the January 2021 term

All application documents can be sent by email. (Applicants from OECD countries only)

Once you send in your application with all the needed documentation before the deadline, we submit a request to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau for document called a Certificate of Eligibility(COE). If the request is approved, the Immigration Bureau notifies us on Nov. 05, 2020(or Nov. 27) and we pass the word on to you.

The current situation :

If you cannot come to Japan due to the effects of coronavirus infection, you can switch to the April 2021 term or other term. In any case, your COE is valid until then.

General Course(2 or more terms)

We make every effort to provide our students with what they need most for their study, along with any assistance they may need to live in Japan. Some people want to learn Japanese for the future, while other students study primarily for business purposes.
Upon arrival Japan on a student visa you’ll receive one year student visa (or one year three months) which can be extended another one year during your stay in Japan. You can study Japanese on a student visa for up to two years.

The attendance at school period is as follows.

Term Period
January term six months to two years
April term six months to two years
July term six months to two years
October term six months to two years

  • Because we provide a course from the beginner’s class to the upper grade class in all terms, applicants of any level may enter.
  • You can decide the learning period.

College Preparatory Course

Students who want to learn Japanese to study further at a university or technical college. The Japanese education system is different other countries. In principle, the school year begins in April and ends in March of the following year.
The enrollment period for College Preparatory Course is as follows.

The attendance at school period is as follows.

Term Period
January term one year and three months
April term one year or two years
July term one year and nine months
October term one year and six months

  • We will give you a placement test and consult with you to determine which level is best for you. For example, ability higher than the third grade (JLPT) is necessary when you hope for entrance to our institute in January term.
  • If you are already N3 level or higher, you can graduate within a year.


Entrance requirements(College Preparatory Course) :An applicant must be ones who have completed 12 years of schooling recognized as standard in their own countries or alternatively ones who have been judged by appropriate faculty as possessing as equivalent scholastic attainment in their own countries.

The lessons are taught entirely in Japanese and also since the textbook is written in hiragana and katakana, it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with hiragana and katakana before the first lesson. Feel free to use these HIRAGANA and KATAKANA study aids to help you get started.

About exemption or reduction of admission fee

  1. Value for money: The Institute aims to provide high quality and yet reasonably priced professional education and training.
  2. Special offer: Students enrolling directly via email will receive a discount on the admission fee. This does not apply to those applying via third-party recruiters.
  3. You too, by all means please do challenge yourself to it.  (More Information)


Please be sure to read it
The current situation. (COVID-19)

We warmly welcome

Exemption or Reduction
of Admission fees.

Learning Japanese

Learn how to read and write the kana on our HIRAGANA and KATAKANA pages. Please check out our website: Learning Japanese.



CSN is the national authority that handle the Swedish financial aid for students.

We also warmly welcome Working Holiday program participants in Japan!

it is possible to study at this institute while visiting Japan on a 3-month temporary visa.

Students studying for longer periods usually obtain a student visa.

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