Our normal school year is divided into four seasonal terms starting in January, April, July, and October. We celebrate Japanese national holidays and there is extra time off during the summerOBON holidays in August and during the New Year’s holidays.There’s a possibility that schedule may be modified.

Spring 2017
April 03(Mon.) / 04(Tues.) Orientation (10:00 –) for New students
April 06(Thurs.) Classes begins
April 29(Sat.) Golden week holiday begins
May 07(Sun.) Golden week holiday ends
May 19(Fri.) Athletic Meet (facebook)
June 19(Mon.) / 20(Tues.) Final exams
June 21(Wed.) Classes ends
Summer 2017
July 3(Mon.) Orientation (10AM – ) for New students
July 05(Wed.) Classes begins
July 17(Mon.) No classes – Sea Day holiday
July 27(Thur.) Academic Guidance
August 05(Sat.) Summer Obon holidays begins
August 20(Sun.) Summer Obon holidays ends
August 21(Mon.) Classes begin again
September 18(Mon.) No classes – Old Folks Day holiday
September 23(Sat.) Autumn Equinox Day holiday
September 26(Tues.) / 27(Wed.) Final exams
September 28(Thur.) Classes ends
Fall 2017
October 06(Fri.) Orientation (10AM – ) for New students
October 10(Tues.) Classes begins
November 03(Thurs.) No classes – Culture Day
November 12(Sun.) EUJ
November 17(Fri.) Athletic Meet
November 23(Sat.) Labor Day holiday
December 03(Sun.) JLPT
December 18(Mon.) / 19(Tues.) Final exams
December 20(Wed.) Classes ends
December 22(Sat.) Winter holidays begins
January 09(Mon.) Winter holidays ends
Winter 2018
January 05(Fri.) Orientation (10AM – ) for New students
January 08(Mon.) No classes – Coming of Age holiday
January 09(Tues.) Classes begins
February 12(Mon.) No classes – National holiday
March 15 / 16 Final exams
March 19(Mon.) A graduation ceremony–youtube–
March 20(Tues.) A bowling meet–youtube–Classes ends
March 21(Wed.) Spring holidays begins

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