Exemption or Reduction

This is only for students who will be studying on a student visa.

Exemption or Reduction of Admission fee

  1. Value for money: The Institute aims to provide high quality and yet reasonably priced professional education and training. Our courses are excellent value for money.
  2. Special offer: Students enrolling directly via email will receive a discount on the admission fee listed below. This does not apply to those applying via third-party recruiters.
  3. You too, by all means please do challenge yourself to it.

If you meet one of the following conditions, we will give grants to you.

(Amount of reduction: ¥ 10,000 – ¥ 65,000)

  1. You passed the JLPT examination. (level N5 or higher)
  2. You are graduated from the University, Japanese language and Literature Department or are enrolled in the university.(Including the department concerned with Japanese)
  3. You can speak read and write HIRAGANA and KATAKANA.
  4. You know a lot about Japan.
  5. you can send me your recommendation by e-mail in Japanese.
  6. Recommend yourself (Japanese / English)

Please tell me about yourself
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Gender MaleFemale
Mailing address(*)

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How did you find us?(*)
have you studied Japanese before? YesNo
can you write?
How many KANJI?
have you ever been to Japan before?(*) YesNo
if Yes, how many times
Visa status on previous TouristStudentWorking holidayEmploymentDependent spouseTraineeOther
recommendation message

We warmly welcome

Exemption or Reduction
of Admission fees.