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Application results for the October course and our future plans


The application rate for the October course was higher than usual, and certificates of eligibility were issued to students from various countries.

However, there are still students who have not been issued visas.
Feeling threatened by this situation, we and other foreign agents have come together to call on the government to allow foreign students to enter Japan as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, so far there has been no announcement from the government that we would like to hear.
However, many things are moving quietly and surely.
In this issue, I will focus on some of the relatively positive news.

1.Vaccination rate
As of September 2, approximately 73 million people living in Japan had received one dose of the vaccine.
The number of people who have completed two doses is 59.59 million, which is about half of the Japanese population.

There is also an argument to be made that vaccine passports should be used proactively.

2.End of the Olympic and Paralympic Games
When the Olympics are over, there will be no more traffic from the Games officials.
As a result, the capacity of the airport to receive new arrivals doubled soon after the Games closed.
Since the Paralympic Games closed on September 5, I believe we will be ready to accept people as soon as the infection situation settles down.
Although the number of infected people in Tokyo is still high, the number of infected people has been decreasing rapidly during the past week, and I think we are seeing the light of day.

We apologize for the inconvenience to international students who are waiting to enter the country.
However, we believe that this situation will soon be over.
Thank you for your patience.

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Enrollment of students in April 2021


Since October 1, 2020, students who have been waiting in their home countries was able to enter the country through the use of the registrar’s track.

We have been working with students and local agents to provide guidance and preparation before and after their arrival in Japan, and have been able to successfully accept new students since January term.
All students wishing to start their studies in January were able to enter the country.

As for students for the fiscal year ending April 2021,
Due to the extension of the state of emergency, the Japanese embassies in various countries have stopped issuing visas.
As a result, students who have been looking forward to studying in April have to wait.

Students will be informed as soon as new information is available.


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