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We offer lessons online for new students!

It has been decided to offer an Beginner A course online for those who cannot come to Japan due to the effects of coronavirus infection.

Let’s learn Japanese with us on Zoom!

Period :
August 31 to September 28 (Minna No Nihongo, Parts 1 / L 10 -L 18)

The lessons are taught entirely in Japanese and also since the textbook is written in HIRAGANA and KATAKANA study aids to help you get started., it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with ひらがな and カタカナ study aids to help you get started. before the first lesson. Feel free to use these hiragana and katakana study aids to help you get started. study aids to help you get started.

Time : 

13:20 – 16:40 (Japan Time- We provide the lesson four per day from Monday through Friday.)

Due to the time difference between your country and Japan, some people may have difficulty attend the class.

Fee : 

There is no fee to participate.
But It is necessary that you buy Minna No Nihongo, Parts 1 (みんなのにほんご) yourself.

There are no classes on September 21st and 22nd because it is a national holiday.

If you would like to learn with us, please apply from the site below. We will inform you as soon as we receive your application.

Let’s learn Japanese with us on Zoom!

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    No applications will be accepted for the January term as we have reached capacity.
    April 2024 course consultation will be available.
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    Learning Japanese

    Learn how to read and write the kana on our HIRAGANA and KATAKANA pages. Please check out our website: Learning Japanese.



    CSN is the national authority that handle the Swedish financial aid for students.

    We also warmly welcome Working Holiday program participants in Japan!

    it is possible to study at this institute while visiting Japan on a 3-month temporary visa.

    Students studying for longer periods usually obtain a student visa.

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