Long-term study

Japanese is said by some to be a difficult language to learn, but by coming to Tokyo and immersing yourself in Japanese culture while studying every day, you’ll find that it can be a very enjoyable experience!

Short-term study

When studying for just one term, citizens of many countries can easily obtain tourist visas for travel to Japan. Our full-time, intensive classes allow students to completely master Japanese, whether they start as a complete beginner or as an intermediate or advanced student.


You can start by learning how to read and write the KANA on our HIRAGANA  and KATAKANA pages. We at Yoshida have developed a special KANJI study guide to help you with your test preparations. The study guide is broken up into levels corresponding to the JLPT levels.


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A typhoon No.13 is approaching

This is a notification from school to our students : Students of the morning : Please confirm our web page aro

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A big typhoon No.10 is approaching!

There was a further report on the 16:30 o’clock TV news. the typhoon No.10 will approach the Tohoku dist

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’17 January Student Visa

If you wish to studying and to acquire a Student visa at this institute, the deadline to apply for the January

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We had a good time with our students doing a barbecue in Koganei park today !!! Today’s menu has been in

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Changing Your Visa

Changing Your Visa For those already working in Japan on working holiday visa or some other type of working vi

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If you wish to studying and to acquire a Student visa at this institute, the deadline to apply for the October

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Let’s study Japanese

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with hiragana and katakana before the first lesson. J

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Let’s enjoy studying Japanese with us!

The Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language welcomes students from around the world. Every year peole from Eurp

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Learning Kanji

Learning method of kanji and writing order.In this section you will learn about the following: This Kanji has

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The Winter Holidays

We are looking forward to winter break ! We will be closed from December 19(Sat.) through January 6(Wed.) for

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’16 April student visa

If you wish to studying and to acquire a Student visa at this institute, the deadline to apply for the April t

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The JLPT evaluates only a student’s ability to understand Japanese language while the entrance exam cove

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The orientation (October)

The orientation is from 10:00 a.m. October 5, 2015. We will give you a placement test and consult with you to

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You can’t study all the time!

Our students are able to enjoy the rich environment of Tokyo and its surroundings and all that Japan has to of

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’16 January Short term Study

This course is for those who can’t study in Japan for a long time.Each class runs for a little over thre

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The Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language offers a wide variety of classes for students seeking to learn Japa

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