Working Holiday Visa for your Citizens

For the purpose of promoting greater mutual understanding between Japan and your country, the governments of these two countries agreed to start a working holiday scheme to help encourage the exchange of young people. This program makes it possible for citizens of one country to enter the other primarily for a holiday over an extended period, and also to engage in employment as an incidental aspect of their trip in order to supplement their travel funds.
With this visa, your citizens need not obtain further permission to engage in remunerative activities while in Japan. However, this programme is not designed for persons who mainly intend to work. The applicants’ primary purpose of stay should be to “holiday” in Japan. Therefore, applicants who intend primarily to work cannot apply for this visa.

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Details : Citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, Taiwan, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Iceland, Czech, Korea and Hong Kong.

We also warmly welcome The WORKING HOLIDAY program participants in Japan! If you’re just interested in studying for a three-month period, you can study using a working holiday visa.

Changing Your Visa

For those already working in Japan on Working holiday visa or some other type of work visa, it is possible to change your visa to a student visa without leaving the country. Please contact us for more information.

Short-term Intensive Courses
Term Start January, April, July, October
Class Schedule Mornings : 09:00 – 12:20 or Afternoons : 13:20 – 16:40
Term Length Three months (50 classes)
Levels Beginning(3 levels), Intermediate(3 levels), Advanced(2 levels)

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines
Term Beginning Classes Start and End Deadline
October 2018 October 11 – December 20 admissions closed
January 2019 January 08 – March 20 December 20
April 2019 April 10 – June 21 March 22
July 2019 July 03 – September 27 June 14

Documents to be submitted The application deadline for students wishing to study for just a single term (3 months) is two weeks before the start of classes. But deadline is subject to change without announcement depending on the number of applicants. Please contact us in advance. —Note: this is also the deadline if you are already in Japan with working visa or spousal visa. You can apply online or, if you prefer, you can download and print out an application from our forms page and send to us.

all the needed documentation (via online)
Ⅰ Application form for admission online
Ⅱ Photograph online

Fees (one term) For students studying on a tourist visa or an existing working or spousal visa, the costs are slightly lower, as the admission process is simpler:

Short-term Course Fees (One term)
Ⅰ Admission ¥6,000
Ⅱ Tuition (one term) ¥159,000
Total ¥165,000

  1. All prices quoted include the taxes.
  2. Admission fee includes extracurricular activities, facilities and the main textbooks.
  3. The above fees do not include some textbooks for JLPT(EJU) test preparation.
  4. Yoshida Institute Refund Policy.

Please let me know how would you like to pay the fees?

  1. By international Bank transfer.
  2. By PayPal (We will send you an invoice).
  3. in person (pay in cash).

We will give you a placement test and consult with you to determine which level is best for you.



  1. Final exam at the end of each term (every 3 months).
  2. Upon successful completion of each course, a student progress report will be written if requested at the time of the final exam.

How do you apply for a working holiday visa? Citizens from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom,France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Slovakia, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, Taiwan and Hong Kong,who are between the ages of 18 and 30 inclusive, and citizens from Australia, Canada and Korea who are between the ages of 18 and 25 inclusive, can apply for a Working Holiday Visa(except in those cases where the competent authorities of Japan agree to extend the limitation of age to 30 years.).

Once you send in your application with all the needed documentation and tuition fee.
After that is received, we send you a Confirmation of Enrollment and some documents. If you want to experience life at YOSHIDA INSTITUTE through a working holiday, feel free to write us in either English or Japanese!

We warmly welcome

Exemption or Reduction
of Admission fees.

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