Application for a student visa

To apply for long-term study, you’ll need to prepare the documents listed below and send them to us by the deadline. You can find all the necessary forms and instructions on how to fill them out.
An applicant must be ones who have completed 12 years of schooling recognized as standard in Sweden, or alternatively who have been judged by the appropriate faculty as possessing an equivalent scholastic ability in his or her own country.


Applicant (Application Requirements) / via emails
Application form
(MS word or PDF)
Use the prescribed form. Form(PDF)|Form(MS word)
Personal Records
(MS word or PDF)
Use the prescribed form to list your (a) educational history, from elementary school through the last school attended and (b) the purpose of your study. Form(PDF)|Form(MS word)
Diploma or Transcript
(PDF or JPG)
The diploma (or transcript) from the last school you attended. It must be the scanned via email. Do not need to send the original.
The person should face squarely to the front and remove hats, caps or head coverings. (a clear image and color photograph.)
Copy of passport
(PDF or JPG)
If you already have one. It must include all the pages which show applicant’s photo, passport number, and past visit (s) to Japan.
Supporter (CSN)
Dokument från CSN krävs inte.
Please send them as email attachments to Yoshida Institute. (pdf|word|zip|other)

A sample of a writing style

A sample of a writing style(long-term)
Application Requirements PDF MS word
1.Application form sample(81 kb) sample(16 kb)
2.Personal Records sample(101 kb) sample(19 kb)

Please send forms (1.2.3) and the necessary documents as emails attachment.
You can edit the sample forms directly (MS word).

Hur ansöker du?

Vänligen skicka följande dokument för att ansöka om ett lån CSN
Kontakta oss (CSN)
Please attach it to the e-mail After you fill in necessary items (Namn och adress i Sverige, Personnummer, Landsnummer ) in CSN form(CSN:s blankett 5509).
We will send the CSN form(PDF) to you after filling in the mandatory fields and putting our seal on it.

We warmly welcome

Exemption or Reduction
of Admission fees.

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