Twelve horary signs

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Twelve horary signs

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In Japan, there are JIKKAN and JUNISHI, both calendars imported from China. Combinations of the two are called ETO (the sexagenary cycle) and the ETO of each new year becomes a popular topic of conversation.

 1. 子(ね-NE)  rat,
 2. 丑(うし-USHI)  ox,
 3. 寅(とら-TORA)  tiger,
 4. 卯(う-U)  rabbit,
 5. 辰(たつ-TATSU)  dragon,
 6. 巳(み-MI)  snake,
 7. 午(うま-UMA)  horse,
 8. 未(ひつじ-HITSUJI)  ram/sheep,
 9. 申(さる-SARU)  monkey,
10. 酉(とり-TORI)  rooster/cock,
11. 戌(いぬ-INU)  dog,
12. 亥(い-I)  boar/pig

This year is the Year(2017) of the Cock, and next year(2018) is the Year of the Dog.

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