The Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language offers a wide variety of classes for students seeking to learn Japanese. Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced student, we can help you! Come learn Japanese in the exciting city of Tokyo!

Full-time, daily intensive classes

our students For students seeking to study Japanese intensively in order to enter a Japanese university, college, vocational school or just to study rigorously, we offer full-time, daily intensive classes. Classes are held five days a week in the morning or in the afternoon. Each class runs for a little over three hours and during that time students work on improving speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Beginning students focus on basic grammar and speaking skills while students in advanced courses learn to understand TV and radio programs and read Japanese literature. A normal tourist visa is sufficient to study for a single term but to study for a longer time, students typically obtain a student visa. Three-months terms start at the beginnings of January, April, July and October.
If you apply for the April short course and the July long term course at the same time, it is possible to change to a Student visa without leaving the country.


At first, learning Japanese may seem like a daunting task, for the grammar is completely different from European languages and the writing system is ornate - two alphabets mixed with an ideographic character system adapted from Chinese. But if you just relax and start with the basics, you'll find that learning the language is not as difficult as it sounds. Beginners can start by learning how to read and write the KANA on our hiragana and katakana pages.
We at Yoshida have developed a special kanji study guide to help you with your test preparations. The study guide is broken up into levels corresponding to the JLPT levels ( N5, N4, N3, N2, N1).


While Tokyo has a reputation as being an expensive place to live, there are actually quite a large number of possibilities open for foreigners coming to study in Japan. A large percentage of Japanese university students study in the Tokyo area so there's a wide variety of student housing available, from dormitories to private apartments. While Yoshida does not provide any sort of housing for students, we can definitely help you with your housing search.

SCHOOL CALENDAR ( Jan.2017 through Dec.2017 )

Our normal school year is divided into four seasonal terms starting in January, April, July, and October. We celebrate Japanese national holidays and there is extra time off during the summer OBON holidays in August and during the New Year's holidays. New School Calendar

Changing Your Visa

For those already working in Japan on working holiday visa or some other type of working visa, it is possible to change your visa to a student visa without leaving the country. Please contact us for more information.

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We are always pressed by study and cannot spend a pleasant day in a suburb of Tokyo. However, today 200 students had a wonderful day.
Tokyo DisneSea(東京ディズニーシー) was really fun. (November 02, 2016)(Facebook)

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March 03, 2017.


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