Beginner's Classes

Practicing Kanji This program is suitable for students with no prior knowledge of Japanese. You will learn basic Japanese, both grammar and conversation, along with the writing of hiragana, katakana and kanji (roughly 350 characters). The lessons are taught entirely in Japanese and also since the textbook is written in hiragana and katakana, it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with hiragana and katakana before the first lesson. Feel free to use these hiragana and katakana study aids to help you get started. These classes will prepare you for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, N4 or N5.

Teaching materials: Minna No Nihongo, Parts 1 & 2, Kanji workbook and other materials provided in the classroom
Course Length: Level A, B, C - 9 months (3 months each)

Intermediate Classes

Maki This course will review what you've learned in the beginner's course and continue on to higher levels of grammar, reading, listening, conversation and kanji (up to roughly 1,000 characters). After completing these courses you will be ready to take the Japanese Proficiency Test, N2 or N3.

Teaching materials: Minna no Nihongo, Chukyu 1 and 2
Kanji workbook and other materials provided in the classroom
Course Length: Level D, E, F - 9 months (3 months each)

Advanced Classes

These courses are suitable for students who have finished the intermediate program. You will learn advanced grammar (adverbs, adjectives, conjunctives), kanji (up to roughly 2,000). You will be able to read a newspaper and magazine, listen to the radio and TV during this course. When you finish the course, you will know enough Japanese to take the Japanese Proficiency Test, N1 and enter a university.

Teaching materials: Original materials such as newspaper articles, dialogues from TV dramas, etc.
Course Length: Level G, H - 6 months (3 months each)

We will give you

a placement test and consult with you to determine which level is best for you.

Preparation for proficiency exams

David As part of their normal coursework, students at Yoshida typically prepare for one of the major proficiency examinations given in Japan. This allows students to benchmark their progress and develop sufficient language skills to enter a Japanese university, college or technical school. For most students, this means preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, given once a year in December. Other students need only take the Japanese Student Exam. Our testing preparation page describes the tests and who needs to take them.

  1. Final exam at the end of each term (every 3 months)
  2. To continue to the next level, a successful candidate needs a 60% score or higher on the final exam 80% or better attendance
  3. Upon successful completion of each course, a student progress report will be written if requested at the time of the final exam
Academic Guidance

We offer proper guidance to students who do not have enough information about universities in Japan. In addition to 3 times per year consultations, we offer timely consultation.

Letters in the Japanese alphabet are referred to as kana, specifically hiragana and katakana.

Frequently asked QUESTIONS.

How to read and write the Kanji on our Kanji pages.