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Japanese calligraphy

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We are learning calligraphy.SAMURAI (侍)

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Holiday Observed (2017-The Summer Holidays)

We will be closed from August 05(Sat.) through 20(Sun.) for the Summer holidays.
See School calendar for more information.

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’18 January Long Term

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If you wish to studying and to acquire a Student visa at this institute, the deadline to apply for the January term is September 13th, 2017.
The Institute aims to provide high quality and yet reasonably priced professional education and training.
Students enrolling directly via email will receive a discount on the admission fee. This does not apply to those applying via third-party recruiters.
You too, by all means please do challenge yourself to it. (More Information).

Long-term study More Information.

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The sports meeting

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You can’t study all the time!
At last, the sports meeting day has finally arrived (on Friday May 19, 2017).

All our students were overzealous today, so they will have muscle pain !!!

But it is important to be punctual for your class on Monday!!.

For details see Facebook


We warmly welcome

Exemption or Reduction
of Admission fees.

Promotional Video

This is an introduction to our school. We provide high quality Japanese instruction at a reasonable price in the heart of downtown Tokyo. We offer general Japanese classes. Please check out our website: promotional-video

Learning Japanese

Learn how to read and write the kana on our HIRAGANA and KATAKANA pages. Please check out our website: Learning Japanese.